Did you know that the body has a naturally produced protein that supports the skin, giving it the firmness, softness, elasticity, and smoothness of youth? It’s called collagen, and it provides a healthy structure for our epidermis, especially around the throat, nose, eyes, mouth and face.

Over time, unfortunately, these collagen deposits are lost to aging and other factors, leaving your appearance looking thin, hollow, and loose. This accounts for sagging and wrinkled skin, which causes our aged appearance, especially in the face because an increased appearance of lines and deep, visible wrinkles.

Fortunately, Juvederm was created as a highly effective and safe skin rejuvenation procedure that addresses this common problem in individuals who desire a more attractive, smoother face.

About Juvéderm

JuvedermJuvéderm is a subdermal filler that is formulated from a hyaluronic acid gel solution—also naturally occurring in the body, which sidesteps the risk of an allergic reaction for patients. This hyaluronic solution is based on a complex sugar that reinforces skin tone while also restoring prior elasticity and skin tone. By filling in areas where the collagen once existed, Juvéderm reduces lines and wrinkles that have formed because of age or exposure to the sun and other lifestyle factors (such as smoking or drinking). It also smooths the overlying skin and plumps up the face’s contours for a healthier appearance.

Benefits of Juvéderm

With Juvéderm, patients are able to enjoy numerous benefits while having their natural beauty restored. Juvéderm is, admittedly, one of the newer cosmetic sub dermal fillers that Dr. Seare is pleased to offer to patients. However, it is entirely FDA-approved, safe, and proven to provide lasting results. If you’re considering Juvéderm, take a look at this list of benefits!

  • Immediate Impact: Right after a patient completes a Juvéderm treatment, they should be able to discern a visible difference. These results often last for at least a year or two, though this may differ depending on the extent of the prior skin damage, as well as lifestyle choices made following the session.
  • Youthful Visage: Juvéderm rolls back years from your face, restoring a beautiful glow and making your facial skin look firmer and fuller without surgical methods. Lines and scars are diminished, and you will see a younger version of yourself looking back out of the mirror!
  • Confidence Boost: Rather than stressing about how you look every time you step into the public eye, with Juvéderm, you can enjoy higher self-esteem and confidence with the erasure of lines and wrinkles, leaving you looking younger than ever.
  • Perfectly Safe: Juvéderm is FDA-approved and entirely safe. Dr. Seare continues to perform this treatment hundreds of times a year without complication. The team at Clinique Sculpture will do everything possible to reassure you throughout the whole procedure.
  • Recontouring: Juvéderm is able to help reshape the contours of your face, as these have shifted and sagged over the years. The signs of age, such as wrinkles and lines, are reduced in the process, while you enjoy healthier lips, cheeks, chin, and brow. Not to mention Juvéderm’s ability to make your eyes look more alert.

Is Juvederm Right For You?

juvedermlogoIf areas of your face appear to have lost fullness, then Dr. Seare can use Juvederm to restore volume to your cheek, lips, and to eliminate fine lines around your mouth. Juvederm is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen production with the use of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that reinforces the elasticity of the skin in order to produce an improved skin tone and elasticity. The fact that Juvederm is a natural complex sugar means that it complements the body’s supply of natural hyaluronic acid, which has been diminished by the passage of time.

Any relatively healthy adult who is seeing signs of aging around the face is a possible candidate for Juvéderm treatments. Dr. Seare would recommend treatment to those who are increasingly noticing the wrinkles and lines (sometimes called “parentheses”) around the mouth and nose.

However, other factors also include the amount and regularity of your smoking or drinking, whether you engage in any regular exercise, and how often you have direct sun exposure—all of which can accelerate the aged appearance of the skin and also lessen the effectiveness of Juvéderm. If your facial wrinkles are already too deep, Juvéderm may not be able to give you the results you wish, requiring other treatments such as a face lift. Those with skin that is too loose, scarred, or thin may also have other methods suggested during their consultation.

Benefits of Juvederm

  • Smooth, natural looking results
  • Comfortable treatment experience
  • Immediate results
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Reversible and biodegradable
  • Proven safe and effective

Types of Juvéderm

The natural FDA-approved filler is in a gel form that Dr. Seare simply injects under your skin to enhance the definition of your facial features. Juvederm is usually injected into the mid-to-deep dermis of a patient’s face to plump up the skin underneath the wrinkle and folds; thereby, reducing the occurrence of wrinkles. Apart from reducing the appearance of wrinkles, Juvederm can also be injected into the lips for lip augmentation

There are a handful of different Juvéderm gel solutions, each engineered to handle different types of facial areas for optimal results. These different solutions may provide results that last longer, or provide more visible results than others. Talk with your physician during your consultation to determine which one is best for you.

Juvéderm Voluma XC

This solution targets the mid-facial regions, such as the cheeks. Volume and plumpness is restored through the injections, and it is not uncommon for patients to see results even two years later.

Juvéderm XC

The premier Juvéderm solution is able to address moderate-to-severe lines and wrinkling that form around the mouth and nose. Average results are seen for up to a year.

Juvéderm Volbella XC

This version is able to add volume back to the lips while also reducing the appearance of vertical lines for up to a year.

Juvéderm Vollure XC

Juvéderm Vollure XC deals primarily with fine lines and wrinkles all across the face, targeting them specifically rather than restoring volume to larger areas. Results usually last around 18 months or greater.

Juvéderm Ultra XC

This formula targets the lips, reducing lines and wrinkles that surround the mouth and cheeks. Average results last up to a year with proper care.

Juvéderm Injection Process

Juvederm produces incredible results that last for up to one year, saving time and money.

The Juvéderm session begins with the physician cleaning your face and then marking it to know where the various injections will be set. The solution syringes will be prepped and local anesthetics will be applied to the target facial areas. The needle goes from mid-to-deep tissue levels, where enough solution is injected to achieve desired results. Each injection also contains a small amount of numbing medication in order to minimize pain during the procedure. Juvederm sessions typically last only 30 minutes, you’ll see immediate results and you can resume normal activities after the procedure.

Recovery from Juvéderm Treatment

Juvéderm recovery is relatively mild, which is one of the reasons why it has become such a popular dermal filler. Volume is visibly restored in the treated facial regions, and lines and wrinkles should be far less visible. Some patients experience some swelling, skin sensitivity, and flushing or redness, with some pain or discomfort. But this all should only last a few days at most before fading completely.

Patients should avoid any highly strenuous activity and direct sunlight for at least one day after their Juvéderm treatment.

Makeup should be avoided, along with any alcohol during this time. Patients are able to return to work and their normal daily routine immediately.

Results from Juvéderm last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the specific Juvéderm solution used, a patient’s original state, and the number of treatments.


Dr. Seare wants every patient to feel safe and secure during their experience with Clinique Sculpture. Even for a non-surgical treatment like Juvéderm, a pre-session cosmetic consultation is important. During this time, Dr. Seare will review any surgeries you’ve had, other cosmetic treatments, whether you’re on a medical prescription, or are dealing with any particular illnesses or known conditions that might impact the outcome of the injections. Dr. Seare will also measure your face and take photographs of the spots where the injections will take place for reference, and to provide a before/after contrast for your review.

This consultation is also for your benefit, so you can learn what it takes to prepare for a Juvéderm treatment, what to expect during it, and how to best recover after the fact.


With any cosmetic procedure, the final price of a session will vary based on the number of treatments you require and the size of the area being treated. With Juvéderm, pricing is based on the number of syringes used per patient, with each side of the face usually requiring at least one syringe.

Note that the number of syringes will be determined by the size of the treatment area and goals of the patient. After your consultation, you’ll be provided a detailed cost breakdown of your treatment plan. Being a cosmetic treatment, Juvéderm is not likely to qualify for insurance coverage of any sort, but Clinique Sculpture will gladly work with you to find an appropriate payment option or financing plan.



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