With age, the skin naturally begins to sag and form folds due to volume and elasticity that is lost in the facial features for moderate hallowing in the bone structure. Collagen begins to decrease in production and cause the skin to lose its natural glow and form.

What Is Voluma?

juvederm_voluma_logoVoluma, from the makers of Juvederm, is a product that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while also reducing the appearance of folds in the skin. It works to provide high levels of hydration for beautiful contouring and enhancement of the individual’s youth and vitality. Voluma is formulated to add volume to three specific areas of the cheeks, which include the apex, apple, and hallow.

Benefits of Voluma

  • The only hyaluronic acid-based filler to receive FDA-approval for volume enhancement in the cheeks and mid-face region.
  • Results appear instantaneously.
  • Most patients are able to resume their usual routine 24 hours after the injections.
  • It contains a local anesthetic to help decrease discomfort during treatment.
  • Only one treatment is typically necessary to achieve optimal results.
  • The volume enhancement effects are long-lasting, often enduring for up to two years.

How Does It Work?

Voluma works to eliminate deep wrinkles and reduce the sigs of aging as an FDA-approved injectable gel that restores volume in the facial features with gradual and long-term results. This minimally invasive injection treatment is effective due to the hyaluronic acid and small quantities of lidocaine that it contains. It not only lasts up to two years, but offers natural results that maintain mobility with the mid-face features.

The Procedure

After injecting the product into the skin, dramatic and natural results are visible after just a month for a contoured face that is lifted and has added volume in the folds. The filler is most effective around the mid-face and cheeks for a vibrant and refreshed appearance in both men and women.

This treatment is often the most recommended dermal filler for those with sensitive skin due to ready integration that prevents temporary lumps that can occur after the injection settles.

Small amounts of the filler are injected at a time to ensure that the expected results are attained. For the most effective results, a single injection is recommended on each side of the face.


Compared to other dermal fillers that are available to consumers, Voluma is proven to offer longer results due to improved resistance that is incorporated into the formula. The product also provides higher levels of hydration and smoothness for results that appear more natural.



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