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Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation

Women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts may be good candidates for breast augmentation. Using one – or a combination! – of two techniques, Dr. Seare has helped numerous women achieve the bust they desire.

Specializing in plastic surgery with awake anesthesia, Dr. Seare is one of the top breast augmentation surgeons in Southern California. Contact the office of Dr. Seare in San Diego or Carlsbad to request a consultation and a get started!

About Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Although beauty trends come and go, breast augmentation has steadily been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States for decades. Since it has been around for so long, it is also one of the most studied, safe, and advanced procedures available. Although all surgical procedures come with some risks, Dr. Seare offers two effective techniques to help women who wish to enhance the size and shape of their bust.Dr. Seare specializes in performing procedures with awake anesthesia, which significantly reduces the risks associated with surgical procedures and minimizes recovery time.

This means that patients can return to their schedules quicker and enjoy their results sooner! He performs both breast augmentation with implants and breast augmentation using the fat transfer technique. Contact his office in San Diego or Carlsbad to learn more about these techniques and see which one is right for you.

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Reasons To Get Breast Augmentation

Since our society puts so much emphasis on breast size as a sign of beauty for women, those who have naturally small breasts tend to be self-conscious starting during their teen years. Other women develop dissatisfaction with their breast size when they lose breast volume after pregnancy, when they stop nursing, or following significant weight loss. Breasts may appear asymmetrical or misshapen. Additionally, women often explore their options for reconstruction after they have a mastectomy. Ultimately, women often find the solution to their concerns about their breast size is breast augmentation.

Ideal Candidates

As mentioned above, there are a variety of reasons why women choose breast augmentation. While it is important to articulate these reasons to Dr. Seare during the consultation, it is not the only qualification for breast augmentation surgery.

ideal candidates

Before all, it is important that patients be in good health, both mentally and physically. This means that patients should be at a healthy and stable weight. If the patient has recently been pregnant or lost a significant amount of weight, then they should notify the doctor. Substantial weight gain or loss could affect their results. Furthermore, they should be in good mental health, primarily meaning that they should have reasonable expectations for the outcome of the surgery.

At the time of the consultation, Dr. Seare will help the patient determine whether or not they would benefit from a breast augmentation, and if so what is the best approach. Contact his office San Diego or Carlsbad location today to get started!

Breast Augmentation Options

Dr. Seare performs two different breast augmentation techniques – implants and fat transfer – to meet the needs of his patients.

Breast Implants

There are many customizable options to choose from with breast implants. Size (CC’s), shape (round or anatomical), surface (textured or smooth), profile (low, moderate, or high), and composition (saline or silicone) are all characteristics that can change the look and projection of the bust depending on the patient’s preference. These will be discussed in further detail during the consultation. During breast augmentation with implants, Dr. Seare will make an incision in one of four locations to insert the implants.

  • Inframammary Incision: This incision is made across the underside of the breast, where the breast meets the rib cage. This is perhaps the most common incision among doctors.
  • Peri-areolar Incision: This incision is made around the areola, or the darkened pigmentation around the nipple.
  • Trans-axillary Incision: This incision is made in the armpit and has the benefit of being very discreet.
  • Trans-umbilical Incision: This incision is made through the belly button; it is also called a TUBA incision.

Then, through the proper incision, he surgically places either a saline or a silicone pouch under the mammary gland or in the underlying muscle tissue. Finally, the incision is closed.

Breast Fat Transfer

Dr. Seare started using autologous fat transfer or fat grafting in 1988 and presented his first paper to the Lipoplasty Society in 1990. He uses patient’s own fat rich in stem cells to transfer them into the breasts as a Natural Breast Enhancement procedure. By using the body’s own natural fat, Dr. Seare can to add volume, creating significant changes to the figure safely and without implants.

Liposuction not only procures fat from the body to enhance the size of the breasts, but also allows the patient to sculpt areas of their body where they may possess excess fat deposits.

The first step in a breast fat transfer is performing liposuction. Some of the most common areas where Dr. Seare’s patients extract fat include the abdomen, thighs, and flanks (love handles). However, patients may extract fat from anywhere on their body where they possess excess fat cells, including but not limited to, the chin, neck, arms, back, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees, and calves.

Second, Dr. Seare will purify the fat utilizing a special centrifugal technique that helps separate the most vital fat cells from damaged cells or excess liquids, including tumescent fluid or blood. Finally, Dr. Seare will take the purified fat, rich in stem cells, and inject it into the breasts at varied amounts. By injecting the fat at small, varied increments, then the most fat will be able to survive. Dr. Seare may at first over-inject the breasts, as some fat will be naturally processed by the body, to help the patient attain their ideal results.



Recovery from breast augmentation will vary from patient to patient, depending on a number of factors that they choose for their procedure, including technique, incisions, and additional procedures. Dr. Seare will be able to provide a more accurate idea of recovery at the time of the consultation, once he and the patient have determined the procedure details.

In general, patients should expect to experience some bruising, swelling, and slight discomfort some bleeding following surgery. These are the most common side effects following breast augmentation surgery but subside quickly. The patient will also likely be wrapped in a compression garment around their breasts and, if they undergo a fat transfer, liposuction sites. Dr. Seare will advise the patient on how to change their bandages and how often to keep their compression garments on. Drains are sometimes placed after breast augmentation surgery; they are typically removed after a few days.

Additional Procedures

In some cases, a breast augmentation alone may not be sufficient to help the patient achieve their goals. Liposuction and a breast lift are two of the most common procedures performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.


Whether a woman chooses to undergo a breast fat transfer or breast augmentation with implants, liposuction can easily be performed to help improve the overall contour of the patient’s body. Dr. Seare performs different types of liposuction, including laser liposuction (SmartLipo), power-assisted liposuction, and ultrasound-assisted liposuction (VASER). There are pros and cons to each type of liposuction technology and the best one for the patient will depend on varying factors, which can be discussed at the time of the consultation.

Breast Lift

While a breast augmentation can add volume to the breasts, improving their shape and contour, it cannot lift breasts that are saggy or appear pendulous. These concerns are best addressed by a breast lift. A breast lift can raise the breasts to a more attractive position, also improving shape and contour. Combining a breast lift and breast augmentation is commonly performed for mothers or women who have lost a significant amount of weight. However, a variety of women may benefit from this procedure. Request a consultation to find out more about breast lifts with Dr. Seare.


When the patient comes in to consult with Dr. Seare, they will first discuss why the patient is interested in a breast augmentation and what they hope to achieve. Dr. Seare will perform an evaluation and then use his expertise to recommend which technique – implants or fat transfer – would best help the patient meet their goals.

Both breast augmentation techniques are highly customizable. Depending on which technique the patient chooses, they will have a number of other decisions to make as well. For implants, they will speak with the doctor to decide what type of implant they want, making decisions on size, shape, and texture, among other options. They will also have to decide on the placement of the incision. For a fat transfer procedure, patients will need to decide where they want to have fat removed using liposuction prior to using that fat to increase the size of their bust.

Dr. Seare will help the patient make the best decisions for their body and lifestyle during the consultation. Our staff is highly trained, professional, and caring. See our reviews to read what a difference our plastic surgery procedures have made in the lives of our patients. To discover which breast enhancement procedure is the best option for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. William Seare at Clinique Liposculpture.


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