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As one of San Diego’s Premiere Plastic Surgeons, Dr. William J. Seare was one of the first doctors trained in the art of liposuction in the United States.

Decades of Experience

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With more than 30 years of experience and over 10,000 successful surgical transformations, Dr. Seare is recognized by the Board of Plastic Surgery and the Board of Orthopedic Surgery. His unique concept of patient care and service has improved the lives of many residents in and around the Southern California area. He firmly believes that each patient is unique and so his goal is to learn each individual patient, and work together to create a strategic plan to achieve the maximum desired results.

Dr. William J. Seare specialties not only lie in his skills as a surgeon, but also in his artistic creativity to produce magnificent results!

If you are frustrated with stubborn body fat that seems to resist your most valiant efforts of diet and exercise, you are not alone. Normal diet and exercise has little or no effect on lipodystrophy fat, also known as stubborn body fat triggered by genetics, stress, or age. Cortisol, the stress hormone, causes fat to grow much like watering a lawn. Fortunately for the residents of San Diego California, Dr. Seare was present during a presentation on liposuction from the founding father of liposurgery, Dr. Yves Gerard Illouz. This created an instant passion for Dr. Seare who realized quickly the need to help people achieve their IDEAL self.

A History of Innovation

During his 30 years of practice, Dr. Seare has pioneered the circumferential micro liposuction surgeries that are now commonly referred to as “Around the World” where up to 90% of the fat can be removed over specific areas, resulting in 25 to 35% of the tightening of the skin, without damaging technologies such as Smart Lipo, Laser or VASER treatments.

William J Seare, MD is an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon practicing liposculpture surgery and lipo in San Diego and Carlsbad. He is double board certified in orthopedic surgery and also in plastic surgery, and he guarantees for the dollars you spend, he will remove more fat, take more time, and get greater transformations that the competition.

At Clinique Liposculpture, Dr. Seare can remove up to 90% of the fat where most lipo doctors, many not even MDs, only remove 20—30% of the fat taking only a few minutes per area.

Dr. Seare performs “Awake Anesthesia” for almost all procedures with the advantage of increased safety and decreased costs, while allowing the patient to become an active part of the surgical team, moving into positions and giving active feedback that allows for the best access, safety and smoothness for procedures.

Dr. Seare relocated from Utah to San Diego where he has used all of the FDA-approved lipo technologies, including liposuction, liposculpture, SmartLipo®, VASER® Lipo, Laser Lipo, Tickle Lipo™, PAL (power assisted lipo). His lipo technology of choice currently is the PowerX® Lipo with his patented spatula-tip cannula, performing well over 10,000 procedures since liposuction was introduced into the US.

A Pioneer In Liposculpture

Dr. Seare was one of the early pioneers of liposuction in the United States and participated in its transitions from liposuction to liposculpture and now to Micro Liposuction, where with his patented spatula-tipped cannula, removes “grain of rice sized particles” of fat at a time, more easily, smoothly, completely and with less bruising and quicker recovery.

Dr. Seare has perfected and refined Micro Liposuction procedures, including his patented lipo cannulas providing a rotating spatula-tip that more gently, evenly, and completely removes the fat and difficult to remove fibrous, such as in re-do lipo procedures or gynecomastia breast tissue removal, and for very fibrous fatty tissue in body builders and extremely fit individuals with localized fat deposits.

Micro Liposuction can permanently remove fat cells, gently and more completely that other forms of lipo. We have used SmartLipo®, Laser Lipo, Osirus Laser Lipo, the BodyJet, Tickle Lipo™, and the PAL (Power Assisted Lipo) but the PowerX® Lipo system with the rotating, spatula-tip we invented, and occasionally with the VASER® ultrasonic liposuction, gets the very best results in our 30 years of experience.

Dr. Seare is a pioneer of a procedure called the circumferential micro liposuction surgeries that we call “Around-the-World” of the arms, torso, or thighs, We have found we can get amazing skin tightening of up to 25% when we are able to go all or most of the way around.

Dr. Seare started using autologous fat transfer or fat grafting in 1988 and presented his first paper to the Lipoplasty Society in 1990. We can use your own fat rich in stem cells to “transfer them into your face for a procedure we call Facial Freshing, into your breasts as a natural breast enhancement or into your buttocks for a Pippa (Middleton) Buttocks Lift. We use your own body’s natural fat to add volume creating immediate and permanent changes, safely, without implants.

At Clinique Liposculpture Dr. Seare performs mommy makeovers where multiple procedures are combined to restore a mother’s body to her pre-pregnancy status. This can include everything from a mini-tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with a very low abdominal incision that can easily be hidden in the bikini line or lingerie and/or extreme lipo of the abdomen, thighs, arms, bra line or thighs, performed safely and cost effectively under Awake Anesthesia, which can also be combined with other procedures to the breast, buttocks or face.

Proven Results

All of the procedures will be performed at the state-of-the-art facilities at Clinique Liposculpture. We serve the residents of Carlsbad and San Diego and offer a free consultation. Dr. Seare personally participates in each consult and will spend the time necessary to fully inform you about your procedures. We will take photos of your problem areas and present these on TouchMD, where we can draw and mark the areas we wish to treat, and give you a firm quote on the cost of your procedure. We offer CareCredit® financing, MasterCard® and Visa®, and selective in office financing for your procedures. Our staff is highly trained, professional and caring.

Read our reviews for the difference our plastic surgery procedures have made in the lives of our patients.

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