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Micro Lipo Advanced Liposuction Do you have fatty areas in your body that are resistant to a healthy lifestyle?

Many times, normal diet and exercise cannot reduce a type of fat called lipodystrophy fat. This form of fat can prove troublesome to professional athletes and very fit individuals. This fat is very resistant and is often produced due to genetics, stress, or age.

With Micro Liposuction, these tough fat cells will be removed. Dr. William Seare perfected and refined Micro Liposuction techniques along with developing a specific cannula that is designed with a rotating, scooping tip that removes the fat and difficult fibrous fatty tissue seamlessly. Micro Liposuction removes fat cells more precisely and provides a faster recovery than other forms of liposuction.

What is Micro Lipo?

Micro Lipo enables Dr. Seare to effectively remove stubborn, fibrous fat deposits. Dr. Seare commonly performs Micro Lipo on a patient’s neck, chin, and cheeks. Small amounts of fat can be removed from the hips, breasts, thighs, arms, torso, knees and buttocks. With Dr. Seare’s eye for detail and Micro Lipo technology’s precision, he is able to remove up to ninety percent of fat in a treated area. This procedure also tightens the treated skin to improve its texture.

Clinique 360

Dr. Seare is a pioneer of a procedure called the circumferential Micro Lipo surgeries. These procedures address the arms, torso, or thighs. When performed on these areas, Micro Lipo targets them in a circumferential pattern that results in the comprehensive slimming of the area and successful tightening of the skin.

Micro Lipo is a diverse, minimally invasive liposuction procedure that removes tough fat. It is used to sculpt the body and enhance your natural physique.

The Benefits of a Micro Lipo Procedure

Both men and women enjoy the transformative advantages that a Micro Lipo treatment delivers, these advantages include:

  • Precise contouring
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Fast recovery
  • Reduction of stubborn fat deposits
  • Improved body contours
  • Only local anesthesia is necessary
  • Up to 3.5 liters of fat can be removed using this method
  • Minimal risk of bleeding and bruising
  • This procedure will increase body definition

f you are interested in the benefits Dr. Seare is able to perform with this cutting-edge technique, contact our offices to learn more!


A Micro Lipo procedure is a good solution for many people. However, it is important to note that Micro Lipo is not a weight loss solution. This treatment is a sculpting technique and ideal candidates are those who struggle with difficult pouches of fat that resist exercise. These fat deposits may frustrate you or get in the way of achieving a weight goal. To find out if you are a candidate for this technique, we suggest you schedule a consultation with Dr. Seare to get his professional opinion.

Consultation with Dr. Seare, Micro Lipo Specialist

Consultation with Dr. Seare, Micro Lipo Specialist In your personal consultation with Dr. Seare, you will get the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals and how a Micro Lipo procedure will help you achieve your ideal outcome. Dr. Seare will walk you through a Micro Lipo procedure, the potential risks and how you will benefit from the treatment.

Dr. Seare will examine the area(s) that you are concerned about. He will test the elasticity of your skin and take photographs. You will be asked about your medical history, current health, allergies, and current medication regimen. This collected information will help Dr. Seare have a comprehensive understanding of your health and whether a Micro Lipo procedure is a good option for you. He may suggest alternative solutions that will best achieve your aesthetic desire.

Dr. Seare and you will plan a procedure date and any necessary medications will be prescribed. He will create a plan for how you can best prepare for the procedure and have a healthy recovery. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to discuss them with Dr. Seare or a helpful staff member. We strive to have well-informed patients who have a realistic understanding of their procedure and recovery process.

How to Prepare for MicroLipo

You will want to follow the detailed instructions given to you by Dr. Seare. Below, we have also outlined some guidelines that will help you prepare for your treatment.

  • Pick-Up Necessities. Dr. Seare will have prescribed you medications that will help you throughout your recovery experience. We suggest you pick up these medications in advance of your surgery to reduce any stress.
  • Coordinate rides. You will likely need to arrange for someone to pick you up after your procedure and take you home.
  • Create a recovery space. Make a comfy area in your home that is complete with lots of pillows, entertainment, medications, and necessities all within arms-reach. Having a delegated space will help you rest and recover.
  • The morning of the procedure. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that is loose and will not apply pressure to the treated area after the surgery. Dr. Seare may also have you wash with a certain soap to ensure your skin is well cleansed for the treatment.

MicroLipo Procedure

The MicroLipo procedure will take a couple of hours and patients are able to return home afterward.

When you arrive for your procedure, you will be greeted by the surgical team who will mark and prepare the predetermined areas. Diluted local anesthesia will be administered to relieve any discomfort and provide safe treatment.

The diluted anesthesia will swell the specific area to be treated and cause it to firm up. This will help the fat cells separate from the surrounding, healthy tissue. A cannula that is within the size range of 0.9 millimeters to 3 millimeters will then be inserted into the treatment site and used to remove the desired amount of fat.

This is the part of the process that differs from traditional liposuction. Traditional cannulas are larger in diameter and more abrasive to the surrounding tissues. This more invasive method causes patients to have a longer recovery time. With a microcannula, more precise, smooth results will be obtained. When Dr. Seare has expertly and artistically resculpted your body, he will apply bandages and compression garments.


Following the procedure, you will experience swelling and bruising. These symptoms should gradually diminish over the next few days. A compression garment will have been placed on the treated areas to reduce swelling and to help the area shape to its new contours.

Follow-up appointments will be necessary for Dr. Seare to make any adjustments and to monitor your health.

In these appointments, he may remove bandages and will notify you when to return to activities such as swimming and intense exercise. Patients normally return to regular exercise after a week.


Your results will be immediately noticeable and will improve as the swelling diminishes. Patients often return to work after forty-eight hours. Your final results will be seen three to four weeks after the procedure. This treatment will have been intricately performed to give you your best result. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistent weight will ensure these results are long-lasting.

Complementary Procedures

Complementary Procedures Autologous Fat Transfers are commonly paired with liposuction and Dr. Seare prefers to perform Micro Liposuction for a fat transfer treatment. A fat transfer is often used to augment the breasts, buttocks, shoulders, face or other areas that could improve from added volume and contouring. A fat transfer is performed in two steps.

The first step requires fat to be collected. Autologous means that the fat collected is from your own body, therefore only patients who have excess fat will be a candidate for the procedure. In your personal consultation, you and Dr. Seare will pinpoint an area of your body that has excess fat and will benefit from being contoured. You will schedule a liposuction procedure where Dr. Seare will perform Micro Lipo techniques to remove unnecessary fat and shape the area to boost a natural, attractive contour. The collected fat will then be cleaned and placed in syringes for reapplication.

The second step of the procedure can be done the same day as the Micro Lipo treatment or scheduled for a later date. During the appointment, fat will be injected into the predetermined area to naturally enhance it. An Autologous Fat Transfer is an excellent way to augment body features because it provides a natural feel and texture. An added benefit is that the possibility for an allergic reaction is very low because no foreign products are introduced to your body. A fat transfer combined with Micro Lipo will transform your appearance because it is reshaping two areas of your body for a younger, shapelier form.

Cost of MicroLipo in San Diego

A Micro Lipo procedure will delicately and efficiently remove exact amounts of fat to provide you with your ideal appearance. Our procedures are customized to the patient’s anatomy and their cosmetic desires. Our prices will reflect these personalizations and will differ between patients. If you are interested in receiving a price breakdown of your own, individually tailored procedure, schedule your personal consultation today at (866) 972-8578!


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