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breast reduction Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is performed to reduce disproportionately large and/or sagging breasts.

Breast reductions remove various degrees of skin, glandular and fatty tissue, and excess areola size to put the breast, as a whole, back in balance with the rest of the body.

Breast reduction surgery can also reduce or eliminate many of the physical complaints associated with very large breasts. Physical complaints and deformities, such as bra strap grooving, neck, shoulder and back pain can be reduced or eliminated completely. Besides the cosmetic benefits of reducing excessively large breasts, there are emotional and health issues that can be addressed with breast reduction surgery as well.

Should I Consider a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction has many advantages. In addition to reducing the volume of the breast tissue, the procedure may:

  • Elevate the breasts due to sagging caused by the effects of aging and gravity.
  • Re-align your nipples/areolas if they point down or to the side.
  • Decrease or alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain associated with large breasts.

You will not only look better after a reduction mammaplasty, you will feel better too!

There are many mental benefits individuals can gain from this surgical procedure. Breast reductions boost patient confidence and body image. Shopping will become more enjoyable: You will have an easier time finding clothes that fit well and make you feel attractive! Patients with larger breasts sometimes feel self-conscious when wearing tight shirts, low-cut tops or swimsuit tops. A breast reduction will also help you feel comfortable, look great and improve the proportions of your body. You deserve to feel in control of your body. The staff at Clinique Sculpture will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!

Ideal Candidates

Breast Reduction Ideal Candidates

A reduction mammaplasty is a common procedure for both men and women. Women commonly receive this procedure when they have decided not to have any more children. Pregnancy and childbearing may stretch the breasts and leave them enlarged. Other women may experience breast hypertrophy, a condition where the body creates too much breast tissue. This often results in uncomfortably large breasts that make physical activity difficult.

It can become increasingly difficult to find comfortable clothing. Women may become embarrassed about performing activities and shy away from sports or public exercise. Larger breasts can even make these activities painful.

Men also receive breast reductions to address a hormone imbalance called gynecomastia. This imbalance causes the breast tissue to grow and swell. Gynecomastia may be a source of embarrassment or self-consciousness for men.

It is common for men to receive breast reductions so they can reclaim their masculine frame.

At Clinique Sculpture, we want our patients to feel their best and be confident in their body! We focus on flattering, natural-looking adjustments to achieve attractive, noticeable outcomes!

Breast Reduction Techniques

A breast reduction is a personalized procedure with many elements to consider. In your personal consultation with Dr. Seare, you will likely go over some of these incision options.


There are three different incisions commonly used in the breast reduction process. These will vary based on the amount of tissue needing to be reduced and the patient’s anatomical features.

  • For tissue and areola reduction, a circular pattern will be created around the areola and along its natural border. The breasts will be reduced and the areolas will be trimmed to return them to their natural shape and placement. This is a common technique used for men.
  • A keyhole incision may also be used to reduce tissue and help to reposition the breasts. A keyhole incision is made along the areola border and between the edge of the areola to the breast crease.
  • The third popular incision choice is an anchor breast reduction. This technique is used for breasts that have a lot of excess tissue and where the nipples are pointing downward. This incision requires circular incisions around the areola and its natural border. The incision is then continued down the front of the breast and along the breast crease.

The pattern and placement of incisions will vary based on your physical features and desired outcome.

Personal Consultation

A consult with Dr. Seare is your first step when considering breast reduction surgery. Your history and physical exam will be performed along with photos that can show your problem area. He uses a computer photo program called TouchMD where he will take pictures and is able to draw on the screen to show areas of concern and show where the three-dimensional “anchor-pattern” template will be made in order to reduce and lift your breasts, areolas, and nipples.

A firm quote of your proposed procedure(s) will be given along with information about medications, pre and post-op instructions, as well as, financing options, with the initial consult.

The incision pattern may change based on the factors discussed earlier.

Photographs will be securely saved to your TouchMD internet account where you can view or review them with a significant other from home. Before and after photos of your surgery can also be placed here for you to view if you choose. You can also discuss with him your expectations for after surgery regarding size and contour of your breasts while keeping in mind to keep realistic expectations that the desired result will be a major improvement.


Prior to your breast reduction, you will need to pick-up the necessary medications that will help keep you comfortable and healthy during your recovery.

Another important step is to ensure you have rides to and from the appointment as well as on the recovery days you will be on pain medication. It is also helpful to have a friend or family member stay with you for your first night of recovery. They can help you get around, get food ready and help you get comfortable.

A breast reduction procedure will require some downtime. It is best if you create a recovery space for yourself prior to the surgery. This area should have everything you need within arm’s reach, such as entertainment, medication, liquids, and snacks.

Twelve hours before your surgery, you will want to fast from everything except water. And before you leave for your appointment you will want to dress in comfortable clothes that will not apply pressure to your chest.

Arrive a few minutes early so you can get situated without feeling stressed.

Breast Reduction Procedure

When you arrive for your procedure, you will be greeted by your surgical team. Your breasts will be prepared and marked for surgery. General anesthesia and a sedative will be administered intravenously. Once you are resting, Dr. Seare will begin the procedure. Predetermined incisions will be applied and Dr. Seare will strategically remove excess tissue and skin. The remaining skin and underlying tissue will be resculpted to provide a taut, smooth result. The incisions will be closed and your breasts will be bandaged. This procedure often takes about two to five hours.


Breast Reduction Recovery

Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time. Bandages are applied right after surgery to aid the healing process and to minimize movement of the breasts. Once the bandages are removed, the patient will need to wear a specialized surgical bra for several weeks. Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery which can be treated with oral medication. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the post-operative directions given by the surgeon.


As swelling begins to decrease, you will notice your final results setting in. These results may take a couple months to show up but will last for years! A healthy, stable weight is important to maintain after your surgery. With a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain your results for a long time!

Complementary Procedures

A breast lift is a common procedure to combine with a breast reduction. Reducing tissues and skin may not be enough for you to obtain your best results. A breast reduction with lift will ensure your breasts are returned to a comfortable size and natural position.

After the reduction portion of the surgery is complete, your surgeon will take the remaining tissues and lift them. This will provide a youthful profile and help your breasts appear perkier. Breast reduction with lift has helped many women love and embrace their best bodies!


For a safe, fulfilling breast reduction surgery experience and outcome, consider Dr. Seare. He is a double board-certified surgeon who has over thirty years of experience in the cosmetic field. He has created new technologies to help improve the safety and efficacy of plastic surgeries. His goal is to provide natural, top-quality results for his patients.

In order to guarantee best outcomes, every breast reduction is tailored to the goals and physique of the individual patient.

Due to the fact that a breast reduction is a customizable procedure, the cost will vary based on a number of factors. Once the details of your treatment plan have been determined, you will receive a breakdown and estimate that reflects your individualized procedure.

To discover whether a breast reduction procedure is a good option for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Seare or give us a call at (866) 972-8578. 


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