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William J Seare MD William J Seare MD is a double board certified Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeon with decades of formal training on top of decades of experience. He has performed over 15,000 lipo cases and a similar number of other plastic cosmetic and aesthetic surgical procedures. Dr. Seare holds over eleven patents, including designs for lipo cannulas, sutures and operating room aids, and his research has changed, not only the field of Plastic Surgery but has also greatly impacted diabetes monitoring, in office contraception choices, artificial heart and heart assist access, peritoneal dialysis and wound healing.

We offer a variety of services including breast augmentation, implants, bbl (Brazilian butt lift), fat transfers, help with gynecomastia and more!

Dr. Seare strongly recommends when choosing a surgeon for any procedure especially aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, it is of the utmost importance that he patient does in-depth research and is well-educated when making this life-changing decision.

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  • "MIRACLE DOCTOR! My weight has always fluctuated, however, no matter how skinny I was, I always had a gut. I have never felt good in a bikini until Now! Dr. Seare and his dedicated staff not only gave me a flat stomach but gave me the hour glass figure you only see in magazines. I am forever indebted to them."
    Danyel B.
  • "Dr. Seare completely changed my life. When I was only 14 I had extremely oversized breasts to the point where it was destroying my back. Dr. Seare made the reduction completely painless and led me through the whole procedure. A year later, I'm also still very happy with the results!"
    Kaitlin N.
  • "I sought Dr. Seares's advice for breast cancer reconstruction. He was very honest and candid and I really appreciated his demeanor. Would highly recommend if you are a candidate for his specialty."
    Karen R.

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